Team’s interview: Olivier

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Team’s interview: Olivier

Could you introduce yourself?

My names is Olivier, I’m 30 years old. I was born in Nice and I am fond of nature and mountain. I practice fishing and hiking.

I have been living in the Hérault department for 4 years now, in a house with a garden where my little one-year old daughter can grow up and fully develop.

What is your career path in a few words?

I have always been interested in woodworking, so I followed a university course at the ENSTIB (International Higher School of Wood Industry and Technology). I graduated as Wood Engineer, Production and Logistic Specialization in 2013.

After my studies, I had the chance to work in a joinery specializing in creating and manufacturing windows, doors, and shutters.

Then I wanted to evolve and enrich my competencies in Project Management and Implementation. Therefore, I joined EFICAD in 2016 as an Integration Engineer. I had to train our new customers and implement the SWOOD software in their design and manufacturing services.

And now, what do you do?

In 2018, I was offered to take on the responsibility of a new service dedicated to the technical support and training of our resellers (=partners) called “Partners & Channels Services”.

How did the idea come about to create this new service?

EFICAD wished to offer specific training and technical resources to our resellers and to cater to their needs. This in order to improve their competencies, to empower them and allow them to become real SWOOD experts.

So, we created two levels of training dedicated to partners: « Essentials » and « Advanced » in order to help them to train, support and implement their customers’ final projects.

What about this service 2 years after it creation? What was done?

Over thirty trainings sessions have been animated, allowing to train the same number of resellers in over twenty different countries.

All the resources offered to the partners are shared via a collaborative platform regularly updated. Since then, more than 150 users have access to all those resources.

In order to assess the training quality, we have set up achievement exercises which allow to deliver a completion training certificate.

What are the next steps?

4 major axis:

  • Continue to train and support our actual and new resellers.
  • Continue the improvement of exercises proposed during and after the trainings.
  • Imagine and design “e-learning” training programs on SWOOD.
  • Establish SWOOD certifications.
How do you feel in your job? What did it bring to you?

On a personal note, this position has allowed me to open up to new competencies and to evolve towards management responsibilities. Indeed, since the creation of the service, we are two to be working full time on it.

We have a lot of interchange of ideas in our team, that allows a good day-to-day functioning and a good understanding.

The relationship built with the partners is really rewarding, and I created contact and to exchange with people all around the world.

Could you describe your “typical workday”?

It usually begins with an email and request tracking from the partners.

It continues with one or several partners’ meetings according to their needs, in order to help and support them.

And next, I can work on the improvement of the resources available for future trainings and implementations.

What is your favorite job part?

It is the part concerning the continual upgrading of the resources that I prefer because it allows to propose contents closer to the partners’ needs.

Finally,if you could summarise your job in 3 words…

Plan – Train – Support

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