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🇺🇸 JSI Store Fixtures
Stores fixtures

“SWOOD is a very flexible software for the woodworking manufacturer with great support! The SWOOD team has always been willing to show us how the software can conform to our business. It is a very comprehensive software that lets you choose how information you need from your SOLIDWORKS model.”

Michael Lovejoy – Engineering Manager

🇺🇸 Kinzel Wood Products
Wood stair parts manufacturer 

“SWOOD CAM is wood industry specific and runs inside of SOLIDWORKS. The company is great to work with. If you have an issue, they’re there to help and they’re always improving the program. SWOOD has made programming quick and easy. The ability to cut down on programming time with the use of the drag and drop feature to the machine library has been beneficial.”

Jesse Kinzel – Partner

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🇲🇽 DMX Shopfitting & Display
Shop fitting 

“SWOOD is a tool that allows us to create lean information by creating a shorter bridge between the design process and the production process. This makes us more efficient in the total development of our projects. On the one hand, the generation of information by the designers is very efficiently connected to the CNC machining centers, this allowed us to take a turn in the development of technical production drawings to now turn them into assembly guides instead of technical drawings, aided by the generation of labels by SWOOD.”

Eduardo Rodríguez Gutiérrez – Manager shop fitting Engineering

SWOOD Design shop

🇺🇸 V2 Fine Interiors
Seating manufacturer 

“SWOOD Design/CAM allows you to create powerful workflows starting from the design phase to the CAM output without the need of any external programs. We love using SWOOD because it allows us to leverage the power of SOLIDWORKS and SWOOD features to create advanced adaptable assemblies quickly.”

Victor Vallejo – President

SWOOD Design interior

🇫🇷 Carriage
In-vehicle equipment 

“Thanks to SWOOD the finish quality of our products has really improved. Currently we make shapes and machining that we were not able to do before. The SWOOD products are high quality they open space to imagine a lot of possibilities for our projetcs. The every year updates are also highly appreciated.”

Loïc Gaden – Managing director

SWOOD Design interior

🇺🇸 Custom Source Woodworking
Office fitting 

“SWOOD has improved our consistency in engineering. Our production are increased as well. And we are constantly improving now were as before we felt limited to the software we were using.

I recommand SWOOD because it’s a software designed for using SOLIDWORKS and our industry. The support staff will address the issues you are facing. SWOOD is consistently developing their product so things just keep getting better. What else can you ask for.”

Joe Wadsworth – CEO

🇨🇦 OFGO Studio
Office furniture manufacturer 

“EFICAD as a company really cares about their customers and the success of their projects. They have always done their utmost to work with us to make SWOOD work as efficiently as possible with our unique organizational needs. They are one of a handful of woodworking software companies who really understands both the CAD and the CAM side and how to make them mesh together seamlessly. SWOOD has benefitted our company in many ways but my favourite one is how it has enhanced our ability to develop specials at a faster pace. With SWOOD we can prepare machine ready special orders faster and more accurately than ever before.”

Cory Shamir – Vice president of Technology

SWOOD Design coworking space

🇹🇷 Doxa Office Furniture
Office furniture and bathroom furniture manufacturer

“With SWOOD, we are able to realize automatic cutting list, parametric drawing, color and material identification and automatic accessory applications.The process before this was completely manual and slow. It was important for us that the program was running on SOLIDWORKS. It was also important that it is easy to use and has a constantly developing and updated interface.”

Emre Topbaș – R&D Manager

Furniture manufacturer

“We use SWOOD Design, CAM and Nesting in our production. The complete workflow is highly integrated in our PDM solution. This gives us lots of benefits. The workflow in SWOOD is very intuitive and efficient. All the work we have done previously, can be reused with only small modifications. When starting new projects, we always have a base or master file to start from. All the digital pieces, from design to the finished product, is connected like a «chain» that is never broken. All this gives us a production process with higher quality at a greater speed and good traceability. SWOOD is a software that is very easy to use. The support from EFICAD is very good and if you have a challenge or an enhancement request, there is always someone at the other end, listening.”

Joakim Jeremiassen – CAD/CAM Manager


Wooden furniture manufacturer

“SWOOD changed our day-to-day life from the roots. We use most of SWOOD features and it is great both for serial production and recurring projects.
We had to change our thinking and processing and it is going very well now. We love SWOOD variability and stability.
We also wanted to get closer to industry 4.0 standard in production, preparation and communication with our machines.“

Michal Navrátil – Business director

Wood stairs, doors and furnitures manufacturer

“Before SWOOD, we struggled with a poor flow of information between design and production. Now thanks to the reports generated by SWOOD, all information is legible at every stage of production.
Thanks to SWOOD, the team is able to automate the process of preparing the product adapted to requirements of each customer.”

Michal Królewiak – Head of the design department



Furniture manufacturer

“For the past year and a half, SWOOD became our basic tool at the design office in programming.
The plans and drawings are more specifics (connectors, materials, SWOODBox), we have reduced our risk of error, we make 3D visualizations for the production, the tasks are automated (cut lists, programming), we program complex shapes. There is a significant productivity gain on the design process and the production launch!


There is a great ease of use. We value the integration into SOLIDWORKS. The standard library is rich, the software is compatible with various CN machines. The technical support is very efficient.”

Xavier Delacroix – President

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