SWOOD Reseller : Nuovamacut Testimonial

SWOOD Testimonial Nuovamacut
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My name is Emiliano and I work for TeamSystem Nuovamacut, the most important Italian reseller for SolidWorks and Dassault Systèmes solutions.

Nuovamacut Incorporates SWOOD to Better Connect with the Wood Industry

Nuocamacut, since the early 2000s, began to follow companies in the woodworking sector with the intent of bringing innovation and advanced solutions to this sector. We did this for many years with native SolidWorks solutions and with some ad-hoc developed solutions. Then, starting in 2019, Nuovamacut introduced the SWOOD solution by EFICAD into its product portfolio.

The design part has the great advantage of being extremely effective, fast, and powerful; the use of a CAD like SolidWorks is already very valuable in itself. It enables parametric 3D design for companies in the woodworking sector without having to give up flexibility, which is an extremely important aspect.

In addition, SWOOD provides features and solutions for the CAM and nesting production parts, as well as, through rich reporting, the possibility of supplying some of the other actors downstream of the design.

Supporting Change in the Woodworking Customer Process

The challenge we see while bringing SWOOD to the woodworking sector is precisely to support our customer companies in a particular historical moment where these companies are increasingly called upon to change, to transform from simple producers to suppliers of complex services, for example, in the contract sector it is increasingly happening.

SWOOD team Presence and Actions for its Resellers

SWOOD supports its resellers with various channels and tools, with the opportunity to participate in targeted webinars and not least also on occasions such as the SWOOD Days, which are very important opportunities for sharing.

I regularly participate in webinars organized by SWOOD to illustrate and communicate software updates and new features. We also have rich documentation that supports us in staying up to date.

When we became SWOOD resellers, we immediately received direct training. So specialized technicians from SWOOD came to Italy to introduce us to the use of these tools and technologies, and we also received a lot of material both to present the solution and then to implement it correctly.

Over time, this situation has further increased and expanded because today, we have access to a constantly evolving SharePoint archive that allows us to always stay up to date. Inside, we find material that goes from the marketing point of view to the presentation of the solution and the support to the presentation of the solution in the pre-sales phase and then for the entire implementation.

Another very important aspect is the assistance we receive both in the pre-sales phase when a prospect submits special cases to us and is therefore still in the decision-making phase, and also when, during the implementation, we encounter situations a bit particular customer by customer.

Communication Impact of SWOOD Between Departments

I believe that the potential of SWOOD in Italy is very large. The fact that SWOOD is able to connect the design department with other company departments, allows woodworking companies to make that leap in quality through integrated and evolved design.

I believe that SWOOD, thanks to its versatility, can bring advantages to all woodworking sectors. However, maybe companies that today focus heavily on highly customized products could benefit most from these advantages.

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