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Joining EFICAD means integrating a solid and enthusiastic team that aims to communicate and work together on a daily basis.

We care about promoting our collaborators skills and help them grow.

EFICAD in a nutshell? Let our collaborators tell you!

Note : we work hard, but we also know how to have fun! ☺



#Emmanuel’s Testimonial

"After studying Engineering at École des Mines of Nancy, I was hired at EFICAD in 2018 as an Application Engineer.

I had 3 missions on this position:
  • Manage technical support by answering our users’ questions
  • Integrate the SWOOD solutions for our customers while training them to their uses
  • Guide the customers in specific projects in order to offer them customized solutions to their needs

At the end of 2019, a Pre-sale Consultant position opened within the commercial team to advise them on the technical aspects in order to offer THE best solution for each client.
As I always had a taste for commerce, I jumped on it and got the job! What is great is that I can combine my technical expertise with the commercial aspect."



#Olivier’s Testimonial

"I have always been interested in woodworking, so I followed Wood Engineer studies.
I had the chance to work in a joinery that specializes in creating and manufacturing windows, doors and shutters. Then I wanted to evolve and enrich my competencies in project management and implementation. Therefore I joined EFICAD in 2016 as an Integration Engineer.
In 2018, I was offered to  be in charge of a new service dedicated to the technical support and training of our resellers. EFICAD wished to offer training and technical resources specific to the resellers we work with and to cater to their needs. This, in order to improve their competencies, to empower them and allow them to become real SWOOD experts.
On a personal note, this position has allowed me to open up to new competencies and to evolve towards management responsibilities."

Spontaneous Applications

We are looking for more than competencies. We are interested in any dynamic, passionate candidates that are capable to thrive in an environment in continuous motion.

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