SWOOD Reseller : CREATRIX Testimonial

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My name is André Sampaio. I’m a co-founder of CREATRIX. We are a SolidWorks VAR (Value Added Reseller).

CREATRIX chose SWOOD to address the woodworking industry

A few years ago, we started having a demand for the part of the furniture industry in Portugal that it’s very strong in the north of the country. We start looking more closely at the solutions that are available in the market. And then we choose SWOOD, among others that fits better for the Portuguese furniture industry.

There are a lot of shop fit manufacturers in Portugal: general home furniture, special vehicles also.

These kinds of industries fit very well on the advantages that SWOOD can provide to automate their, develop their design and manufacturing process.

SWOOD integration in their customer process

We have been invited to automate a kitchen furniture customer that was facing a lot of trouble with the existing solution in-house; after very intensive work, we are now able to say that we delivered the result needed to quickly design a solution for a customer, customize the solution, and manufacture that solution.

Taking advantage also of the integration with the CNC machines that he has on the plant.

We keep having a very good relation with them. They are growing and buying more sites, so I think that says all.

SWOOD as a SOLIDWORKS Solution Partner and Gold Product

I think SWOOD will keep growing very fast. We have been very careful as a SolidWorks reseller to choose our partners. So, they are a golden partner from SolidWorks, we feel confident.

It seems natural for us to choose SWOOD in this market. It’s quite good in terms of technical, in terms of commercial; everyone is very available to help the reseller community. So, everything is good for us.

For sure we’ll keep growing with SWOOD, conquering new customers. I think there are a lot of opportunities to leverage the market in Portugal with this solution.

So, for sure we will grow in this sector also. I recommend SWOOD to all companies that are facing challenges in the furniture market.

They should look very seriously at this solution. So please, take advantage of that.

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