Top 7 furniture design trends of 2022

Top 7 furniture design trends of 2022
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Top 7 Furniture Design Trends of 2022

Furniture trends are often not as different each year as compared to the fashion and shoe trends. Furniture, over the years, has followed a steady change in design and manufacturing. Big markets like IKEA, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond are driving the furniture trends.

Although, this past year has changed the way we work, and the work-life balance has shifted from wearing work pants during the day to sweatpants during the night. The more we have stayed at home, the more we have tried to change our house to make it more spacious and more comfortable.

The pandemic, but also other environmental factors have contributed to the upcoming furniture design trends of 2022. Home offices, sustainability, green spaces are some of the trends to keep in mind for 2022!

Let’s jump on to the 7 top furniture design trends we are going to see in 2022.

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Home offices are the talk of the moment from the beginning of 2020 till now! The pandemic has made people stay at home longer than usual, and I don’t know if anyone is unfamiliar with work from home. Many companies now offer their employees the opportunity to work remotely several days a week. It has therefore become essential to organize a space dedicated to work at home. Thus, the home office became part of many houses.

As with the other rooms, this one must be integrated into the interior design and keep pace with the latest trends. Your home office should be comfortable, but not so comfortable that it makes you take naps every other hour.

The trend of the furniture market is to produce the right type of furniture for people to work from home easily. The home office furniture doesn’t just include a table and a chair now. It also includes storage space, a comfortable chair to sit on for almost the whole day, a desk with some specific dimensions which can fit in your bedroom or even in a separate room. And how can I forget, a place to keep your plants.

2022 furniture trends stress the importance of comfort within a workplace, so if you are looking to create a design for a home office, don’t forget to keep this factor on the top of your list.


Multifunctional furniture is the core of the home office. That’s why it is most likely to become a trend in 2022 worldwide.

The European trend right now is the use of folding and easy-to-clean furniture. This trend is gradually penetrating the USA and some Asian countries as well. Small apartments, moving, the desire to make rearrangements–multifunctional furniture will be relevant.

A table that can be extended, a TV panel that can be turned into a work area, a bed that can turn into a table with one or two manipulations. All these trends are not only responsible for making your house cosy and clean, but also for a comfortable life.

These types of furniture are already in demand as prefabricated furniture and compact individual elements. They can be easily adapted to different room sizes and according to your needs.


The environmental issues have influenced our perspective regarding various aspects. Green or sustainable furniture is the talk of the market in 2022. More and more people are looking to bring as much outdoors as possible into their interior designs to compensate for the lack of time spent outside and emphasize the beauty of nature.

The sustainable materials used for furniture designs that are to last long and bring no damage to the environment are becoming more popular. Materials like solid wood, rattan, jute, bamboo, cane would be preferred for furniture as compared to synthetic or man-made materials. IKEA’s catalogue for 2022 also features a lot of products that are made from sustainable and hard-wearing bamboo. The warmth that natural materials makes you feel cosier and closer to nature.


Another nature-inspired furniture trend of 2022 is the use of biophilic designs. People’s love for plants is never dying. Those who cannot go out often or don’t have access to nature around their cities, want to bring nature inside their houses. To allow more plants, the market is now providing specific furniture designs to hold them. Biophilic furniture design as stated by is the most exciting interior design trend for interior designers and architects to keep an eye on.

Why biophilic? Green walls, furniture, or a combination will create a calming space that recreates the beneficial effects of being outdoors.

More and more companies are adding a touch of green in their offices to make the employees feel closer to nature and subsequently make them feel calm and happy.

If you’ve ever wondered why rounded shapes or curved furniture are so pleasing as part of home décor, the likely explanation is that they come from nature. Hence, coming to our next furniture trend of 2022.


Have you noticed curved furniture is popping up everywhere now? This curved furniture is inspired by nature, is easy to navigate, and naturally draws the eye through a room, with smooth lines and generating calm and relaxation.

Many of the top furniture design trends of 2022 are similar or are the iterations of those we saw in the previous two years. Although thankfully, it’s not because we don’t want every day to feel like the one before. Instead, we’re being truer to ourselves and what feels good.

According to Pinterest, the number 1 interior design trend for 2022 is a curved appeal. The straight lines endorsed by 20th-century modernism may have been the norm for decades, but many designers are now proposing an alternative aesthetic that is curvilinear and appealingly easy on the eye. Compared with static, straight lines, curves are playful and fun.


A question: do you think your furniture or interior design reflects your personality? Think about it, I would like to have your answers through Facebook.

The concept of a modern and stylish looking home is trying to stay as simple as possible. Now, you don’t need too many design elements to make your room or even your office a comfortable and aesthetic looking place. To achieve a minimalistic appearance, start by removing the extra furniture. People have been getting more minimalistic furniture, to give their space a touch of quietness and peace.

And eventually, a minimalistic furniture design looks luxurious as well. Luxury is not about quantity, but quality in simplification.

Everyone loves a minimalist lifestyle and young professionals are beginning to adopt this style of interior design. The idea is to maintain the elegant, sophisticated style while keeping the space design to a minimum.


Remember ‘That ‘70s show?’ Those seventies-style bell-bottom pants and retro prints that were dominating the catwalks? The Seventies is making a resurgence throughout the stylish abodes worldwide. From the UK to the USA, interior designers are saying the era is back in a big way.

Retro style furniture, antique cabinets and auction materials are a thing with vintage furniture styles and people will continue to use retro styles for their interior decors. The seventies were relaxed, comfortable and had a happy vibe, and I think people are trying to recreate the feeling at their own houses, especially due to the pandemic changing the way we live completely. So, any designers out there should keep an eye on this furniture trend of 2022.

In your opinion, what do you think will be the top furniture design trend of 2022?

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