SWOOD is SOLIDWORKS Certified Gold Product!

SWOOD is now a SOLIDWORKS certified gold product.
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SOLIDWORKS Gold Certified product

SWOOD is now a SOLIDWORKS Certified Gold Product!

What is the SOLIDWORKS Gold product certification?

We are happy to announce that SWOOD is now a SOLIDWORKS certified gold product.

“The Certified Gold Product represents the highest level of integration with SOLIDWORKS software and requires an ongoing partnership with Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS.”

This Certification guarantees that SWOOD is seamlessly integrated within the SOLIDWORKS interface, that it complies with the SOLIDWORKS high-quality standards and ensures the perfect interoperability of SWOOD. This guarantee of high-professionalism will ensure to anyone looking for furniture software that they will work with the best-in-class tool for SOLIDWORKS.

Now, let’s talk about SOLIDWORKS!

If you are new here and need more information about SOLIDWORKS, keep reading!
If you are already an expert on SOLIDWORKS go to “SOLIDWORKS and SWOOD for woodworking” to see how SWOOD is working with SOLIDWORKS to make your woodworking projects a reality.
SOLIDWORKS: A 3D Modelling Software

SOLIDWORKS is a computer aided software design (CAD) and computer aided engineering (CAE) program owned by Dassault Systèmes that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows.

It is a solid modeler and utilizes a parametric feature-based approach which generates three kinds of interconnected files: the part, the assembly, and the drawing. Therefore, any modification to one of these files will be reflected in the other two.

SOLIDWORKS has developed also various complementary add-ins, including:

  • PhotoWorks: 3D photorealistic rendering engine;
  • SOLIDWORKS Composer: content creation software for documentation, technical illustration, catalogs, commercial brochures, training documents, maintenance manuals, etc. From CAD data with updates of CAD changes;
  • 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace: an add-in allowing users to download 3D parts from an online catalog to make 3D printed parts on demand.


All in all, SOLIDWORKS software enables you to:

  • Design very precise 3D objects;
  • Develop products;
  • Double-check your files’ design;
  • Maintain a library of your 3D files;
  • Create 2D drawings;
  • Create images and animations of your 3D objects;
  • Estimate the manufacturing cost of your 3D objects.

SOLIDWORKS and SWOOD for woodworking

SWOOD suite is a set of professional CAD/CAM solutions for creating custom furniture, cabinets, and other woodworking projects. It covers all your needs from design to manufacturing in one place.

SWOOD solutions are integrated seamlessly in the SOLIDWORKS environment enabling the woodworkers, carpenters and manufacturers full flexibility and a best-in-class solution for their woodworking projects.


SWOOD Suite consists of solutions like:

  • SWOOD Design: helps in designing furniture in 3D CAD environment and creating 2D documentation;
  • SWOOD CAM: supports the transition from the design phase to the production phase. Generate NC related program and production-related documentation;
  • SWOOD Nesting: helps you optimize your wood panels by generating a cutting plan for the entire sheet with a list of drilling and milling sequences;
  • SWOOD Center: automates the generation of configuration, documentation, and NC programs. Defines parameters that end-users can control easily;
  • SWOOD BW (Beam and Wall): timber and frame construction software that converts frame structures like roofs, log houses, wooden house structures into CNC files.


SWOOD suite was created by industry experts to help any woodworker, carpenter, manufacturer or even teacher in fulfilling their woodworking project’s needs.

SWOOD being a Gold Certified product of SOLIDWORKS provides you with the best possible solution present in the market!
Need more information about the SOLIDWORKS integration and on SWOOD? Please contact us!


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