Solving present-day challenges for woodworkers with SWOOD x OVVO

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Woodworking has been around since epochs, and it has strengthened a lot through the years. There was a time when everyone wished for a similar interior design just as their neighbor. But now we are living in an age where personalization and unique projects are appreciated more. Everyone wants to be the owner of unique furniture.

The delicate structures, elegant tables, and graceful wood crafts are demanded throughout the world because of the wood’s aesthetic nature that symbolizes luxury. This has made the jobs of the woodworkers difficult, as now they must respond to any demand for customization to stay ahead of their competition. And while creating original designs for almost every project, they are met with a lot of challenges!

In the poll, the industry specialists were asked about what challenges they are facing, and almost half of them chose all the options which were manufacturing complex designs, creating cheap bespoke designs, and more time-consuming.

And as said before, the major challenge the modern woodworkers are facing is the demand for complex structures and designs. Woodworking professionals are spending a lot of time, money, and effort to fulfill the new market demands.

With the fast-paced lifestyle, new and complex designs are demanded by the customers that involve delicate cutting and furnishing. A single detailing error can lead to scrapping the manufactured product and to starting all over again. Thus, the time, money, effort, and even the raw materials are all lost.

But fortunately, there is a solution to this challenge! With technological advancements, software, and applications such as CAD and CAM are available to the woodworkers, which help them fulfill customer demands via computers. The required designs are coded in the software, and complex woodcutting machines prepare the outputs. However, such technologies have yet to experience widespread adoption. Organizations incorporating this software and machines have a significant edge over their counterparts.

In another poll, the woodworkers were asked about the new trends that are affecting the woodworking market, where 40% of them chose all the mentioned options and 43% chose automation to be the top emerging trend in the woodworking industry.

Some companies like OVVO are producing various tools to improve the productivity of a woodworker by specifically making the manufacturing and assembly processes more efficient.

With OVVO’s innovative invisible connection system they are transforming the wood joints and furniture connection, hence making it even easier to design furniture.

Overall, the woodworkers are saving more time, money, and raw materials while working on the complex demands of their customers.

In this whitepaper, we will discuss how OVVO and SWOOD are working together to make the life of a modern woodworker easy.

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