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Success story

Groupe ADM

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The ADM Group in a few words

The ADM Group is located in Saint-Nazaire, Loire-Atlantique in France.

Specialized in top-of-the-line surface layout and artistry cabinetry, the company has three core businesses:

  • Land-base
  • Naval
  • Industry

The company has 90 employees.

SWOOD and the ADM Group

The Design and Engineering Department that currently employs 10 people in the ADM group, daily uses the SWOOD Design and SWOOD CAM software for its numerous projects.

“Our choice was to integrate SOLIDWORKS because the SWOOD Design and SWOOD CAM add-ins seemed more intuitive and coincided best to our core business.” Michael Bellayer – Head of Design and Engineering

Thanks to the integration of SWOOD into SOLIDWORKS, the ADM Team has developed more possibilities with 5 axis machining for formed or curved elements.

ADM has increased reliability, thanks to self-inspection made with cut lists and hardware lists.

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