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SWOOD & tapio integration
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Information exchange is vital to the woodworking process, whether in a small or a large company of 4.0 industry. It should be simplified and coherent throughout the process. SWOOD offers a feature called tapio Export within SWOOD Connect that allows seamless integration with HOMAG’s digital solutions, enabling users to connect the two easily. 

What is SWOOD Connect?

SWOOD Connect empowers SWOOD users by providing them with an array of features that allow for the easy import and export of information to and from external platforms. Simply put, it is a tool that enables the transfer of information to and from external platforms. It offers a seamless data exchange between SWOOD and HOMAG digital solutions using tapio as infrastructure, providing users with a consistent and lightweight solution from a single provider. (Discover more SWOOD 2023 updates)

How does SWOOD work with tapio? 

The new interface, “SWOOD Connect – productionManager,” connects SWOOD CAD/CAM projects to HOMAG’s digital solutions, specifically to the productionManager, the digital job folder. With just one click, users can transfer their complete project, including project data, nomenclature, BOM, and drawings, from SWOOD to productionManager. Once the project is created in productionManager, all project-related information is continuously available throughout production and assembly. For example, once the project is released for production, it can be sent to HOMAG’s optimization software “intelliDivide cutting”. 

How to use SWOOD Connect with tapio? 

Using SWOOD Connect with tapio is easy. Users can book the “SWOOD Connect – productionManager” interface on the tapio shop, either monthly or annually, based on their needs. Once the user has logged in to their tapio account, they can copy the unique access code of the interface and paste it into SWOOD. The data exchange between the two software solutions will work seamlessly without further software configuration or communication with software providers. 


SWOOD integration offers a simple and efficient workflow for woodworking companies. The continuous flow of project data ensures transparency throughout production and assembly. So, if you’re looking for a way to simplify your workflow and improve productivity, try this integration today!

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