SWOOD Reseller : JÆRTEK Testimonial

Jaertek Testimonial
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Can you introduce yourself?

Gunnar LALAND: I work at Jærtek in Norway as a salesman job for CAD/CAM. 

Thomas Lura: And I am a technical consultant for SWOOD and for SolidWorks. 

For how long have you been using SWOOD?

Thomas Lura: I’ve been working with SWOOD for around one year now. 

Gunnar LALAND: For two and a half years now. 

Can you explain the benefits and features of SWOOD that make it a valuable tool for the woodworking industry in your country? 

Thomas Lura: The benefit of SWOOD is that it makes it really easy and we reuse libraries of the kitchens or different furniture that you made. You can reuse them, and you can customize them to make it different, different furniture. 

Gunnar LALAND: The total package with everything combined in one solution is the most beneficial thing with SWOOD, it’s really easy to do customization and to switch from CAD/CAM as easy as it is. 

Thomas Lura: And it makes it really easy to adjust heights, lengths and add a whole bunch of different stuff you would need. 

What training process and support do you offer to customers? 

Gunnar LALAND: We offer the complete package with the implementation training and everything. So we have training on-site and as well online. It depends on what the customer prefers and where it’s based in the country. 

Thomas Lura: We have a training schedule that we go through that we’ve gotten from SWOOD, and by going through this, the customers are ready to use the software when we’re done. 

How do you stay updated on SWOOD’s latest enhancements?

Thomas Lura: We stay updated because we get emails from SWOOD that tell us when there are new updates available. We get a document, and by reading through the document, we are up to date with the newest features and enhancements. 

Gunnar LALAND: They also have a really good platform with all the information that they share with all the resellers. 

What advantages do you see in partnering with SWOOD? 

Gunnar LALAND: Partnering with SWOOD is really good. It has grown our business. And if EFICAD is really professional to work with, they always support us when needed. So we are really happy working with EFICAD.

How does SWOOD team help you close deals? 

Gunnar LALAND: EFICAD, SWOOD is providing leads, we have good marketing with a lot of content creation. So, there’s a lot of good content on YouTube and social media that shows all the features and benefits with SWOOD. So that’s really nice. 

Thomas Lura: They have all kinds of videos, training, and materials for us resellers to use.  

Gunnar LALAND: Yeah, SWOOD is really helpful to close the deals for us because if we need help on demoing or if we have some customization or post-processor we struggle with and everything, they always help us. 

Is there a market for SWOOD in Norway? 

Gunnar LALAND: In Norway there is a quite good market for SWOOD. There’s plenty of furniture industry and kitchen and everything like that. In Norway, the market is old-fashioned in the way they work, so they need to digitalize, start digitalization. And SWOOD is definitely good in that aspect. 

Can you share key achievements your company had with SWOOD? 

Thomas Lura: Some key achievements we had is to sell SWOOD to some big companies and we have seen them a success. We have a kitchen company called Haugstad and they have using SWOOD now and they have grown and become really efficient because of SWOOD and how it works. 

What are your expectations for the future with SWOOD?

Gunnar LALAND: I expect us to grow and to be able to provide even better solutions for the customers that I’ve seen today What’s New, it’s really good. So I’m really looking forward to taking it to the market. And I see only a bright future for SWOOD in Norway. 

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