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Partnership with Lockdowel

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Lockdowel which is the manufacturer of unique tool-less fastener solutions on the woodworking market for custom cabinets, closets, furniture and much more applications.

Jason Howell, CEO at Lockdowel and Christophe Vermeloux, Owner at EFICAD.

“With SWOOD’s integration of Lockdowel fasteners into their library, manufacturers now can reduce their cabinet assembly time on their production line, as well as the option to provide their customers with ready-to-assemble cabinets in a tool-less assembly format. SWOOD users can select the particular Lockdowel fastener they want to use for their cabinet construction and connectors automatically create the components in 3D with the appropriate machining on all adjoining panels to display a production-ready part for review and CNC processing.”

LOCKDOWEL and SWOOD integration
As a SWOOD user, how can I access the Lockdowel products?

The Lockdowel products are now directly integrated with standard connectors library with SWOOD Design solution. To complete your existing library, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local reseller.

What are the hardware products available?

All Lockdowel E-Clips references are embedded within SWOOD Design Connectors library:

  1. E900BM
  2. E900BP
  3. E900BP-9
  4. E900M
  5. E900P
  6. E910BP
  7. E910P
Which SWOOD version should I use?

Lockdowel products are available from SWOOD 2021 onwards.

How SWOOD CAM integrates the Lockdowel toolpath for CNC processing?

Automatic insertion of Lockdowel subroutine is available for controller codes and machine interface (i.e., Woodwop for Homag machines)

SWOOD CAM integration with LOCKDOWEL

A simple drag and drop on the bottom pocket and side faces of the 3D geometry create the toolpath for this hardware.

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