Why does DPS Germany think that SWOOD is the fastest software available?

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Why does DPS Germany think that SWOOD is the fastest software available? – An interview with Daniel

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Daniel Moglish and I’m working at DPS Software in Germany for 8 years.

For how long have you been using SWOOD?

SWOOD, I am using it for 8 years. So, I started with SWOOD CAM, doing the post-processor of the machines, then implementing SWOOD Design and now I am the Pre-Sales Manager in charge of the customer.

Why did you decide to add SWOOD to your portfolio?

Because SWOOD is very important for the woodworking market, it does make SOLIDWORKS useful for the woodworking market and the companies.

What did SWOOD bring to your catalogue?

We have a different training process for SWOOD Design and SWOOD CAM.  For SWOOD Design we do an implementation package, and we have a workshop to start asking the customer about their needs, then prepare ourselves, and after we train them. For SWOOD CAM, we do basic training and after a customized training, one day or two days to implement the post processor for the machine and the template for the CAM and then make a little training for the CAM copier.

Is it easy to use?

I think it’s easy to use, yes.

What do you think about the SWOOD support?

SWOOD support is great. I have worked for eight years together, with EFICAD and we improved a lot, we have some meetings to share knowledge and develop sometimes together the software. It’s very great.

What are the advantages of using SWOOD?

With SWOOD you’re very fast to use connectors, to use the libraries and what is the most important point, the customers can build their library to use it and make them very efficient.

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