SWOOD is helping Groupe Beaubois to streamline its operations and expand its capabilities!

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Groupe Beaubois is a leading architectural woodworking company for all high-end projects throughout North America. The furniture that they build is custom-made for any architect.


Industry – Architectural Millwork

Size – +500

Location – Quebec, Canada

Used case – Design, manufacture, and automation.

Products used – SWOOD Design & SWOOD CAM

Reseller – SolidXperts

Overcoming challenges and gaining a competitive edge

Groupe Beaubois faced the challenge of improving its project’s efficiency and streamlining its operations. They needed to embrace technological advancements and integrate automation and robotization into their plant to achieve this. However, they soon realized that their design software played a vital role in facilitating the information flow for their equipment. That’s when they discovered SWOOD solution, specifically designed to cater to the woodworking industry.

Harnessing the potential of SWOOD

Stéphane Lesage, Director of Operations at Groupe Beaubois, explains, “During the analysis to integrate the software into our plant, we discovered SWOOD that can manage technology for the woodworking industry. The software gave us a relevant advantage since it allowed us to benefit from SWOOD team’s expertise, follow the software’s programming with them, and move the technical information forward to our equipment.” SWOOD solution enabled Groupe Beaubois to overcome its challenges and achieve remarkable results. Jean-Sébastien Grenier, Team Leader of the Digital Control Department, shares, “Before acquiring the software, they proved that SWOOD could help us grow.” The solution provided the tools and capabilities to transform their methodologies and establish a common language throughout the organization.

Enabling greater efficiency and fostering collaboration.

Étienne Pilote-Fortin, in charge of the design team at Beaubois, highlights the advantages of SWOOD solution. “It helped us input more information into the model so that the builder or the rest of the team could put it together without much training,” he explains. The solution allowed Groupe Beaubois to create parts with Lego-like shapes, facilitating rapid assembly and reducing the need for extensive drawings. Pierre-Luc Veilleux, Industrial Engineer at Groupe Beaubois, emphasizes the time-saving aspect of SWOOD solution. “Everything programmed has already been integrated into our primary model,” he states. The software significantly accelerated the start of production and the programming of their machines. Tasks that previously took hours could now be completed in a matter of minutes.

Seamless integration and steadfast support

Jean Sébastien Grenier highlights the effectiveness of SWOOD solution at the CAM level, stating, “Automatic machining recognition is the tool that helped us. The volume of parts would increase, and in the programming department, we needed a solution that automatically and efficiently creates many programs on different machines.” However, Stéphane Lesage acknowledges that any transformation comes with its fair share of resistance to change. To address this, Groupe Beaubois partnered with SolidXperts, a SWOOD-certified reseller, who provided ongoing support throughout the project. “They’ve been with us through this whole transformation,” says Stéphane. SolidXperts’ assistance ensured a smooth transition and empowered the Groupe Beaubois team to fully utilize the software’s capabilities.

Limitless possibilities and future advancements

Étienne Pilote-Fortin appreciates the comprehensive resources provided by SolidXperts. “They helped us create our internal resources as well,” he affirms. With SWOOD solution, Groupe Beaubois experienced a significant boost in their productivity and efficiency. Pierre-Luc Veilleux proudly states, “We recently have new contracts, including a myriad of houses that we successfully completed thanks to SWOOD, which helped us create many more parts more quickly.” The software enabled them to tackle custom-made projects with ease and speed, providing a competitive edge in the market.

Opening the Doors to the Future

Etienne Pilote Fortin concludes, “This tool helped us accelerate our turnaround and, in a way, helped us open the doors to the future.” Groupe Beaubois can now confidently provide quotes for projects previously considered too complex due to integration challenges. SWOOD solution has revolutionized their operations and positioned them for continued success. In the words of Stéphane Lesage, “Today, we can provide quotes for projects we couldn’t have done before.” Groupe Beaubois has embraced the transformative power of SWOOD, allowing them to thrive in a highly competitive industry.

With SWOOD, Groupe Beaubois has successfully harnessed technological advancements, improved efficiency, and embraced the future of architectural woodworking. Implementing SWOOD, has paved the way for Groupe Beaubois to reach new heights and confidently take on ambitious projects.

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