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SWOOD Library installer
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Solution for Updating SWOOD Hardware and Component Libraries

SWOOD provides a wide range of 3D models to help its users to enhance the design of their 3D projects.

As a long-time partner, EFICAD works closely with hardware industry suppliers, such as BLUM, HETTICH, and GRASS, and ensures its users have access to the latest innovation in a ready-to-use SWOOD file format used in SOLIDWORKS.

This evolving CAD content platform allows you to download updated and new items on a day-to-day basis.

SWOOD Library Installer – Hardware and Components Library

The Library Installer gives its users the opportunity to update their existing library items and download the latest version of components at any time. Find the right model quickly by searching for component items by type (frames, drawers, hinge, shelf, runner, etc.) and specific criteria (suppliers, ranges, versions, etc.). Finally, select and download components proposed by the platform with a single click and find them in your SWOOD library.

Evolutive, SWOOD Library Installer meets the needs of our users by offering the latest products from industry manufacturers.

It aims to give SWOOD users access to a wide range of hardware components and to ensure CAD-CAM compatibility as all machining are embedded for each component reference.

Ready-to-use Intelligent Drawers

EFICAD’s teams collaborate with industry suppliers and convert drawer technical specifications into SWOOD components accessible through a server.

Intelligent components combine multiple product references into a single library component and integrate suppliers technical specifications. When an intelligent component is downloaded from the Library Installer to SWOOD, all the product configurations (slide dimensions, drilling patterns, etc.) and options (color, materials, etc.) proposed by the supplier are integrated. The main advantage of these models is that all the drilling patterns are also integrated. Therefore, each time the intelligent component is used in a design, it will propose to the users the most optimized hardware configuration, according to the insertion context, and apply the right drilling pattern on the surrounding panels (sides and front).

As a parametric solution, if the model is modified (dimensions, number of drawers, etc.), a simple rebuild allows to automatically adapt the configuration and machining of the components. This way, by following the drawer usage recommendations, the intelligent components will enable complex projects to be designed faster and more reliably.

At the final stage of the design process, SWOOD’s reporting feature transforms all the details of the components used in your assembly into documents, providing you with part numbers and quantities of hardware and materials used, etc.

SWOOD Intelligent Drawers

Use Intelligent Components in Your Woodworking Projects

Opening the Library Installer gives you access to all available components. Use the interface’s filter to find the needed components, then click on download. When you return to the SWOOD interface, your library is updated with the newly downloaded components, ready for use.

When the component is inserted into your model/project, the configuration best suited to the context will be applied. All range options and component specifications are integrated, enabling you to manually modify the desired parameters (color, materials, etc.) if needed.

Ready-to-use Parametric Components

Find the needed component by filling in the insertion context information in the Library Installer. Components matching the context will be sorted, allowing you to narrow down the list of available items and download the right component or configuration.

*Those parametric components correspond to a supplier’s hinge, shelf, drawer, etc., in a fixed configuration, enabling you to reuse the provider’s latest components in your various 3D projects.

Available Furniture Fittings Manufacturer References

Thousands of components and product from hardware manufacturers such as BLUM, HETTICH, GRASS, and others are already available in SWOOD Library Installer.

You can currently download several references, such as:

BLUM Drawers and Slides:


HETTICH Drawers and Slides:

  • ACTRO 5D
  • FR Roller
  • KA Ball Bearing



HETTICH Handles:


GRASS Drawers:


EFICAD also provides more than 150 ready-to-use smart boxes, such as:

  • Single / Rectangular casings (filling up, mitering, etc.)
  • Corner boxes
  • With options :
    • Baseboards or not
    • Back or not
    • Number of partitions

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