Revolutionizing Woodworking: I.KALOGRIDIS SA’s Success with SWOOD

Kalogridis Charalampos, CEO at KALOGRIDIS
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Industry – Wooden manufacture, specialized in wooden windows, doors, furniture, pergolas, etc

Size – 20 – 50 employees


Location – Greece

Used case – Design & Manufacturing

Products used – SWOOD Design & SWOOD CAM

Sales PartnerAlfaSolid Works, Greece

I.KALOGRIDIS SA is a woodworking company specializing in wooden frames and other wood creations. In 2008, the company underwent a radical renewal of its machines, with 80% of them now being CNC machines. With this change came the need for advanced designing programs, which is where SWOOD comes in.

SWOOD: Meeting the Needs of Intricate Designs

The SWOOD software, that has been in use at I. KALOGRIDIS SA for roughly two years, has been instrumental in the company’s growth. As CEO Kalogridis Charalampos explains, “we consider it a very useful tool because it has begun to cover our specific needs due to our operations in the field of intricate designs and not in the field of simple, standardized products.”

Christos Sotiriou, designer at KALOGRIDIS

Christos Sotiriou, a designer at the company, elaborates on the versatility of SWOOD and its ability to handle intricate designs. “It is because of that intricacy that SWOOD is such a versatile tool,” he says. “Together with AlfaSolid and EFICAD, with which we are in close collaboration, we have created programs which we have set upon the machines at the factory.”

Seamless Communication in the Manufacturing Process

The programs created in collaboration with AlfaSolid and EFICAD allow for seamless communication between the individual programs, streamlining the manufacturing process. Before the introduction of SWOOD, the company had a program with different capabilities.

Designing Custom Boxes and Changing Materials on the Fly

With SWOOD, the company can design custom boxes for closets and kitchens, calculate their volume and determine their materials. After the design, the cutting list which is transferred directly from the designer to the machine can also be easily modified. For example, if a customer changes his mind about the materials used, the designer can easily change them via “drag and drop” in the materials library.

Revitalizing an Old Shredding Machine

Konstantis Andreas, employee at KALOGRIDIS

Konstantis Andreas, another team member, explains how SWOOD has also helped to give a new life to an old shredding machine : “Together with AlfaSolid, we have managed, in a way, to give a new life to an old shredding machine. This machine is now and has been over the last year and a half completely automated.”

Increased Productivity and Room for Growth

Kalogridis Charalampos, PDG chez KALOGRIDIS

Thanks to the collaboration with SWOOD and the other companies, the productivity at I.KALOGRIDIS SA has increased. CEO Kalogridis Charalampos explains, “we still have a lot of capabilities to unlock, such as increasing our production while using this tool. Along with the help of the company that represents the software, we continuously grow and evolve.”


I.KALOGRIDIS SA has successfully met its need for advanced design programs with the introduction of SWOOD. The software has proven to be a versatile tool that has helped the company create intricate designs. The collaboration with AlfaSolid and EFICAD has also led to increased productivity and the ability to make easy changes to materials. The company looks forward to unlocking more capabilities with the software provider’s help and continues to increase its production.

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