4 ways to choose the best furniture design software!

4 ways to choose the best furniture design software
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4 ways to choose the best furniture design software!

Woodworking either handcrafted or by using software is rapidly growing, with more and more interior designers and big manufacturing companies investing in different woodworking software.

By becoming a digital woodworker, you can be more creative and more productive at the same time.

Imagine creating a perfect design of your dreams on the computer and letting the machine do its job of creating 500 similar models?

Even if manual manufacturing still has its place, today the lack of time is felt daily. So maybe it’s time to become a digital woodworker

Simple trick: if you have a computer, and you are reading this blog, then you can make a computer-generated drawing easily.

Armed with manual drawings, you can make various designs but with accurate models, you can make precise parts. Whatever method you use in your business, we all agree that every piece of furniture is crucial!

Since the beginning, various expert woodworkers and carpenters have been getting their hands busy on 2D CAD software or using a paper and a pencil.

But before we get into the different woodworking software solutions, I want to talk to you and help you choose the best furniture design software.
1- Do you need woodworking software for your projects?
First question first, for your projects, do you need woodworking software?

The first thing is to determine your objectives: what types of projects are you working on today and, what different projects would you like to work on in the future?

Indeed, good quality furniture design software will allow you to work differently and, you will be able to diversify your projects. Not only will you be able to increase your level of skill and expertise, but you will also be able to secure your projects with powerful tools.

2- Check if the software has all the modules and assets that you need!
Now that you have established that you do need design software, you need to determine which software will best suit your needs and your business.

There are many software packages on the market. So, select the one that will meet your needs. It should have all the features relevant to your business, be compatible with the CNC machines you use, etc.

  • Do you only need CAD software? Or a complete solution that combines CAD and CAM?
  • Do you want to produce standard furniture? Custom furniture?
  • Do you want to create more complex projects with curves or different material (metal part, glass, solid surface, electronics, etc.)?

These are all questions that need an answer to choose the right software.

3- Check if the woodworking software is scalable and easily accessible!
Buying software is like an investment that should give you results in both the short and long term. The software that you have chosen should be easily accessible by your team and should be scalable.

If you use the trial or a free version of the furniture software, you should be aware that it will not allow you to be as creative and flexible as you would like. You might not be able to share the project with your team.

So, choose a software that helps you and your business to grow.

You may want to look for woodworking software that improves your skill level. Instead of sticking to the projects you are comfortable with, you can choose to think outside the box and opt for software that will challenge you, while guiding you to improve your skills and create different projects in no time! This will help you enhance your woodworking skills and, you will be able to move on to bigger and better projects in no time.

4- Make sure there is customer support and training available in addition to the software!
Choosing software can be easy sometimes. But if the vendor does not offer any customer support or any training, buying the software will be counterproductive.

Even if you are familiar with the software, you will still need help. And if the software provider has customer support, it will make your day-to-day life easier. And if you are a beginner and new to digital design, you will be reassured by the fact that you will be able to benefit from training courses.

So, look for software that is easy to use, but also offers training, hands-on exercises and user manuals.

Buying design software is a time-consuming process, but when you find the right software for your needs, you’ll be able to work efficiently. A woodworking software can help you with a variety of projects at the same time, increase your speed of design, enhance your expertise, etc. 
By reading this article, we hope to have helped you find the right woodwork software for your needs. 

In the meantime, we invite you to come and discover our different solutions!

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