2020 Review

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2020 Review

End of 2020, a peculiar year.

Notwithstanding the actual situation, at EFICAD we kept on working to offer you efficient software, with functionalities that meet your needs. We also resumed trainings to help you become real SWOOD experts!

Zoom on our year...

New software functionalities

The year 2020 has seen the new version of SWOOD, with its new related functionalities such as the simulation with material removal, automatic panel orientation and performance improvement.

We hope that you appreciate these enhancements in your daily use of SWOOD!

We can’t wait for 2021 to offer you more!

New hardware suppliers

An ever-expanding hardware library is what EFICAD strongly aims for!

Blum, Festool, Grass, Hettich, IF, Lamello, LMC and OVVO are part of our partner hardware brands.

More and more clients trained!

With the sanitary situation, it was important for us to keep training our clients. That is why we have organized everything so as to ensure on-line trainings which allowed you to stay safely in-house.

Our Resellers also worked hard to ensure that SWOOD trainings kept on going.

Challenge met! The number of trained clients has increased this year.

New partnerships all around the Globe

Our wish: to allow you to benefit from the SWOOD software and associated trainings, no matter where you are!

Our Commercial Team has worked as hard to keep developing our resellers’ network worldwide.

We are now present in 47 countries!

Successful webinars: “Game of SWOOD»!

During the first lockdown, we have offered a series of webinars and participation was a success.

As a reminder, we aired a first pilot followed by 5 more seasons! What an achievement for “Game of SWOOD”.

Maybe an Emmy Award nomination will come next?! 😎

All our webinars are available in replay on our YouTube channel

A new website!

We are very proud of this new website.

We know we have already published the list of the new features, but here there are again:

  • More technical contents
  • More information (services, successful clients, blog, etc.)
  • New look
  • Completely responsive site
  • Launching of our newsletter
New teammates

Throughout the year, EFICAD has welcomed new members in our ever-growing team:

Amandine, in charge of marketing and communications.

Olivier, as support technician, manages daily clients’ calls and technical requests.

Camille, our application engineer, follows clients projects on two different levels: implementation and training.

Maxime, through a work-study contract in partnership with École des Mines, is in charge of creating a Web portal. We cannot say more about it for the moment; stay tuned!

Thibaut and Quentin, the last to be recruited but not the least, have joined the Development Team and work to bring you the best software functionalities.

Now let’s see what 2021 has in store for you!

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