Design solution

CAD software for woodworkers

SWOOD Design is a 3D parametric software to create custom furniture and cabinets. Manage materials, automate tasks, and create personalized reports within the SOLIDWORKS ecosystem.

The leaders of furniture industry are using SWOOD

Parametric solution

Create any complex models using the parametric features of SWOOD. Your design process becomes more flexible and adapted to any changes. 

Create multi-material projects

SWOOD and SOLIDWORKS ecosystem allows you to manage different material like sheet metal, glass, etc. 


Customizable woodworking elements

Explore SWOOD’s versatile libraries, allowing you to effortlessly customize and maintain your project consistency with smart, precisely tailored elements with their associated machinings. 

Hardware integration

Easily drag and drop hardware components (BLUM, Hettich, Grass, IF, etc) and utilize smart component capabilities. Reuse 3D elements seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS integration.

Define your materials

Manage grain direction, panel thickness, stock dimension extensions, etc and components such as laminates using drag and drop function.

Simplified edgeband management

Easily define edgeband parameters in the SWOOD library and apply them uniformly across your projects. Modify edgeband application order anytime to suit your needs.

complete material control

Effortless information exchange

SWOOD’s parametric features seamlessly integrate vital production data from design assemblies into machining programs and workshop documents, including cutting lists, hardware lists, and more.

Design updates and multi-format exports

SWOOD’s dynamic capabilities ensure effortless, error-free design changes that instantly propagate to program and document generation. Customize your exports in various formats with ease.

“Indeed, with SWOOD, one can easily re-use the existing database and start new projects from existing models. The parametric properties of this woodworking solution help make changes at any step of the process, whether it’s design or manufacturing.”

Vasilis Skandalis, Design Engineer, MVS

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Manufacturing Solution

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SWOOD Center for automation

Automation solution

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