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SWOOD is an all-in-one solution that enables you to design and manufacture your shopfitting projects! Automate and optimize your processes.

The leaders of shopfitting industry are using SWOOD

Streamline design processes

Simplify repetitive tasks by utilizing library components, which are intelligent and come with their associated machining. Library components allow you to reuse complete assemblies to design several projects of the same brand and to create unique layouts in a minimum of time.

Complete design freedom

Create any complex structures with the parametric capabilities of our solution. Customization is made easy, and changes are automatically applied throughout your projects.

Shopfitting layout mode and hardware

Reliability in production

SWOOD’s manufacturing solution uses shape recognition to identify quickly 3-axis and 5-axis operations. Last-minute design changes are instantly detected on your projects, and toolpaths are then updated in programs in one click.

Material management

Ensure optimal part holding to prevent a part to move out of the nesting sheet during milling. Manage easily remaining board material by detecting offcuts and incorporating fillers into your nesting sheets.

Production data generation

Export in one click a complete report to streamline the process by establishing a direct link between SWOOD, the workshop, the company’s information system, and other departments. Production informations are integrated into programs and workshop documents from design assemblies. 

Automate the complete process

Connect your internal system (ERP, MRP, MES…) to SWOOD to automate production documents and program generation. When the system receives a new order from a customer, SWOOD collects the data, recalculates the relevant model, and regenerates all the documents for the production launch.

SWOOD Center schema

Easy reporting and data exchange

Generate complete and customizable reports that include: 

  • Design report with complete layout, hardware list, material list, etc. in formats like pdf, edrawings, pdf30, xls, HTML, etc. 
  • Program information based on the different CNC machines 
  • Workshop documents like labels, panel list, tool list, stock lists, costing information, and other workshop documents in required formats.

Multi-material project management

Manage multi-material projects with SWOOD’s wood-specific features integrated into SOLIDWORKS. Insert wood functions, complex sketches, 3D elements such as lighting and metal components, glass shelves, in a single environment.


2D drawings to 3D layout plan

Import 2D drawings (DXF & DWG formats) to convert them into 3D layout plan. Reduce the design revision process when applying last-minute changes by editing design parameters easily. Any modification is automatically passed on all the parts following the defined design rules.

CNC and machine technology expert

Control CNCs by exporting machining toolpath and table rails and pod position.Manage easily other special tools like rails and pods, clamping systems, edgeband aggregates, profiling tools, etc.


Program accuracy

Preview the entire program (pre-production simulation) using the material removal function and machining environment to detect potential collisions between the head, table, tool, and workpiece.


Nesting finishing strategies

Shopfitting designs involve several furniture to create a complete layout. Linked to the design, our nesting solution detects grain continuity of fronts to nest them side by side on nesting sheets. This way, you can produce aesthetic furniture which meets customer requirements.

Coordination and Data Exchange

The software automatically collects all design element parameters, generating a project report for production, including machining programs, hardware requirements, lists, etc.


“SWOOD  allows us to create customizable libraries and discover the quantity of materials that we consume easily. The software has already made our design and production process more efficient. “

Gerolimos Nikitas, Industrial and Product Designer, WESTAND

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