Building furniture efficiently: with HETTICH fitting data integration in SWOOD Hardware installer

On-demand webinar with Hettich Group and SWOOD. In this webinar, we discussed the various updates that both SWOOD and Hettich has to offer. 

In this webinar you’ll go through some general and a lot of technical information about: 

  1. Introduction of HETTICH Group
  2. Presentation of the product AvanTech YOU Hettich
  3. Introduction of SWOOD by EFICAD
  4. Presentation of SWOOD Hardware Installer
  5. Presentation of the application of AvanTech YOU in SWOOD
  6. and in the end some Q/A
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Hettich and SWOOD by EFICAD, as part of their strategic partnership, provide a user-friendly tool that allows SWOOD users to access and update all Hettich products within their libraries at any time. Hettich products database made available within SWOOD libraries with the new « Hardware Installer ». This saves any need to set up a hardware library by hand. Not only leaving SWOOD users on the cutting edge of Hettich’s latest innovative product line-up, but the tool also lets them use every element of data in their 3D woodworking and furniture modelling work. The product ranges available are: AvanTech YOU, InnoTech, Intermat, ArciTech, Sensys and more to come. 

Hettich and SWOOD

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