SWOOD? What’s that?

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What’s that?

What about EFICAD first 
EFICAD is the editor of SWOOD, CAD CAM (Computer-Aided Design – Computer-Aided Manufacturing) software for woodworking applications.
Let’s talk about SWOOD now
Integrated to SOLIDWORKS platform, SWOOD suite offers an ease of use interface with features using drag and drop throughout the design to manufacturing process.
Use the power of a 3D parametric platform combined with a dedicated solution from 30 years of experience, you are interested?

"SWOOD : 1 solution / 5 products !"

SWOOD Design

1- SWOOD Design lets you create quickly « standards » models using libraries and then customize it into new projects. Also, complete more flexible designs with woodworking features. It offers to drafters, engineers a unique method that guarantee to putting your more complex projects into production.

2- SWOOD CAM combines EFICAD’s experience in the sector with associativity between the 3D files and the toolpaths. A simple change in your design and all the entire digital chain is updated with a single click. SWOOD CAM manages all the machine technologies of the market and the various manufacturing processes.


3- SWOOD Nesting complements SWOOD CAM for your nesting process. Select your projects, SWOOD Nesting does the rest: sorting panels according to thickness and material, optimization in the sheet and machining toolpaths, generation of all your programs and documentation.

All project data is customizable and available to create exports in different formats to communicate with your customers (drawing, 3D export, etc.). But also send information to the already present / existing solutions such as ERP or optimizers saw panel. And finally, collaborate with the workshop quickly and easily (no more paper) with, for example, lists of stocks, programs, hardware, and customized labels.

4- SWOOD Center is the automation solution for SWOOD. Once your models are completely configured in terms of design, finish (materials, edge banding) and machining, control them from an external interface (ERP, point of sale solution, etc.). This ensures you to maintain the level of detail of your projects and to automate the different versions, including workshop documentation and machine programs.

SWOOD Center for automation

5- SWOOD BW (=Beam & Wall)

Finally, SWOOD also has a unique solution for the construction area: SWOOD BW exports 3D geometries from SOLIDWORKS directly to machines dedicated to the wood construction activity such as modular and frame houses or even playgrounds.

EFICAD, specialist in woodworking since its beginnings, has made SWOOD a unique solution on the CAD CAM software market meeting users‘ needs for design flexibility, streamline production steps and reduce time-to-market of their products.

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