Solution for shopfitting

CAD/CAM Software for shopfittings and furnishings

SWOOD is an all-in-one solution for designing and manufacturing your shopfitting projects! Automate and optimize your processes.


Cover your complete product range and more

Experience effortless project customization using SWOOD’s parametric tools, advanced material management, and precise project layouts.

Instantly Access Ready-to-Use Libraries!

SWOOD offers preset hardware libraries (Lamello, dowels, excentrics and others) that are customizable. Control functions like edgbanding and connectors using one solution. 

Complete control on production

The CAM solution seamlessly links all the design information to CNC machines (HOMAG, SCM, BIESSE, etc). It manages all the pre-production simulations, machine specifics and hence the entire production process.

Boost efficiency with Nesting

SWOOD also offers a nesting solution to help you organize nesting projects, reduce material usage, and optimize machining times with tailored strategies.

Connect to your database

Don’t start from scratch! SWOOD allows you to use your existing know-how and connect with the data in your ERPs and sales configurators easily.

Automate the whole process

SWOOD allows to bridge the gap between customer orders, SOLIDWORKS design, and production data by accurately converting orders into detailed production documents.

Easy reporting and data exchange

Generate complete and customizable reports using SWOOD features that includes : 

  • Design report with panel list, hardware list, material list, costing information, stock lists, etc. in all needed formats
  • Program information based on the different CNC machines 
  • Workshop documents like labels, tool list, and other workshop documents in formats like pdf, edrawings, pdf30, xls, HTML, etc. 

Precision and flexiblity

The parametric capabilities of the software allows you to modify your custom wood project at anytime of your process.

Automatic shape recognition

SWOOD easily detects machining operations like pockets, contours, grooves, drills, saw cuts and lamello cuts.


Effortless machine monitoring

Easy control over machining tables and other special tools like beam and pods, clamping system, edgeband aggregates, profiling tools, etc.


Reuse the remaining material

SWOOD features offers you strategies to optimize the nesting panel usage by creating offcuts or fillers to reduce any material waste.


Smart nesting strategies

Nest part onto odd shapes by using SWOOD Nesting that creates bridges automatically. This prevents parts from moving or becoming loose.


Automate the production line

Have a seamless link between customer orders, SOLDIWORKS design and production data to create detailed production documents.

The leaders of furniture industry are using SWOOD

“SWOOD  allows us to create customizable libraries and discover the quantity of materials that we consume easily. The software has already made our design and production process more efficient. “

Gerolimos Nikitas, Industrial and Product Designer, WESTAND

Speed up your woodworking projects within SOLIDWORKS

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